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Why post a Google Doodle Collage?

We do so for one reason. It’s brilliant branding.

We have been taught and figuratively branded to keep our logo consistent. Think of Coca Cola as an example of a company not changing their logo. I have worked with companies that demanded approval before using their logo. Even on projects they requested.


Because consistency and brand awareness is that important.

That is why Google changing their logo to spotlight events, days, or topics is “out of the box” creative thinking. It’s branding brilliance because that is the identity they want us to associate with Google. A company that encourages and supports creative visions.


What identity do you want for your business?

A simple but effective way is to plan a one day logo change campaign as part of your digital strategy playbook. Here is what your day of spotlight campaign could look like..

  1. Choose an event, day, or anniversary you are going to spotlight that reflects your business.
  2. Mark that day on your calendar as a no schedule day.
  3. Create a branding theme you will use on that day.
  4. Modify or have your logo redesigned professionally to support your theme vision and day of spotlight.
  5. Create a page designated to just this campaign day, using keywords in the page title.
  6. Decide what item or service you are going to promote on that day.
  7. Create a blog post and prepared social media updates to have ready to post for the campaign day. Include content that would spark interest.
  8. A week prior to the event, begin to use teasers on social media about the event.
  9. On the day of the campaign post on your blog the draft you prepared. Link to the page you created.
  10. Use social media, newsletter, email, and any other form of communication to hype the day and motivate people to click the link to your campaign page.
  11. Give VIP treatment to any respondents.


What has worked for you?

We would love to hear what campaigns you have run like this that has been successful. If you haven’t run a campaign like this before, read the Campaign Example 101 below that goes into specifics using a fictitious company as an example of a campaign from start to finish.


Campaign Example 101:

You have an American business called Yankee Flag Company, that sells American flags made in America. A likely choice for your spotlight day would be July 4th. As you think about your target market, you realize a good percentage will be celebrating with family and friends. Instead you choose June 14th 2015 Flag Day as your spotlight day.

You clear your schedule for Flag day and make sure to keep that day clear of any appointments.

You visually create a celebration patriotic theme. Fireworks, waiving flags, eagles, red, blue, and white.

Your company logo is modified to the colors red, white, and blue with an eagle spreading his wings protecting an American flag behind him. Remember your target market. Your looking to motivate and national pride is your carrot.

Next you create a page that uses keywords as the title. Your page title is “Flag Day American Pride Special”. Your link to the page would be yankeeflagcompany.com/flag-day-american-pride-special. When post this link in twitter, use a short link.

Based on inventory and profit margins you decide to spotlight an overstocked 18×24″ American flag with mounting kit. Your one day special is 14% off (matching the date of flag day) and free shipping to anywhere in The Land of The Free!

Now one of the most important steps. Creating a blog post and social media updates for the big day. For beginners, there are two obstacles that need to be overcome. The first is the stress and fear of writing. The second is writing all about your business and the event. Relax and let’s keep this simple and more importantly interesting enough for people to click and share.

So what do you write about and what goes on that page you created if you shouldn’t just talk about your business and the event?

The easiest way to answer this question is to ask yourself a question. What would a proud flag waiving American type into a search engine on flag day? A few might be, What is flag day?, Why do we celebrate flag day?, and what are the rules on flying an American flag?

You just found the content for your blog post, social media updates, and campaign page. Wikipedia is a great resource to use as a starting point to obtain the answers and content. Here is how your simplified but effective post would look like.

What is flag day and why do we celebrate it? Do you know the rules on flying an American flag? Make each of those questions a link to your event page you created followed by a short paragraph about your business and the big event one day special. That’s it!

It’s now a week before June 14th so you begin to start the teasers. Don’t tweet 20 times a day with non motivational updates like join us for our big event day! One tweet or facebook update that engages is the goal. An example on Instagram and Facebook might be, Next week is flag day. We need pictures of homes flying the American Flag. Share yours! #Shareurflagpic. Do you see the difference? Instead of talking about what your selling, you are encouraging people to share their flag, but at the same time planting a hidden seed for the people who don’t have a pic to share because they don’t have an American flag.

It’s now June 14th, Flag Day. Change your logo on your site to the patriotic version, post your blog entry, and begin to hit social media. Remember your social media updates need to motivate. Ask questions like Do you know the rules for flying the American Flag?, What is Flag Day All About?, and Are you proudly flying your flag today? Include links to your event for the answers and also post a few direct updates like Today only 14% off and fee shipping, Make this the last Flag Day your don’t have a flag, etc.

Lastly, even if only one person responds, make that new relationship an experience they will talk about. Thank them for their patriotism, send a hand written note with the flag, and follow up through email or preferred communication to see if they had any problems and that you would love to put a pic of their flag on the page.

No matter what it is still a successful campaign. Even if nobody buys a flag that day. Your page, blog posts, and social media updates just might show up in Google the next time someone searches a question like What are the rules for flying an American Flag.


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